Kerstin - All of me

Tankar, känslor, dikter, prosa, sånger, bilder, råd vid cancer


I have no talent
For happiness
Sorrow and pain
A melancholic heart
Seems to be my destiny

I feel at ease
On rare occasions
Watching a beautiful sunset
Yes, twilight – is my time
The sweet coolness in the air
After a hot day comforts me
My melancholy fits in that time, it´s not shameful or ugly
I sit and watch the sky for hours
How the colours change; clouds slowly drifting by

The softness of the light makes my fragility less apparent.
Trees are forming black silhouettes
A small whisper can be heard, if you listen carefully,
the leaves rattle caught by a faint wind.
And an owl howls miles away
The sound echoing through the night

© Kerstin Löthman 2008

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